Experience the brilliance of our panelists – industry leaders, thought pioneers, and experts of self-branding. Their extraordinary stories and invaluable insights will ignite your own transformational journey. Get ready to unlock your true potential alongside these exceptional guides.



Nakaaya Sumari


A visionary in media and entertainment, empowering individuals to embrace change. With a keen eye for trends and impactful strategies, she guides businesses to new heights through effective marketing techniques.

To-be Confirmed


Short biography will appear her. To be discovered.

Pius Matonya


Digital strategist and entrepreneur. Recognized for exceptional strategies, trend identification, and impactful campaigns. Empowers businesses through effective marketing techniques.

Rebranding Yourself

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Discover the power of identity as the foundation of self-rebranding. Explore the essence of who you are, your unique traits, and how aligning with your authentic self can propel personal growth and success.

Getting Noticed

Unleash the potential of strategic exposure in self-rebranding. Learn how to showcase your skills, expertise, and personal brand to a wider audience, attracting opportunities, building credibility, and expanding networks.


Dive into the essentials of maintaining and developing your personal brand. Explore effective strategies for staying relevant, refining your skills, nurturing professional relationships, and embracing continuous growth for long-term success.

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